SignGo Lite has everything you need to make professional signs and graphics at a budget price and what's more, you can try it out for for free. You don't even need to register!

The trial version is fully functional and active for 30 days. You can cut, print, save and export without limitation. Just click the link below to try out SignGo Lite, the fully functional shareware sign and cuttable graphics design and production software.

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Free Download - SignGo Lite

SignGo is great for making signs by cutting vinyl from rolls or sheets. However you can do much more than that. For example heat transfer graphics for T-shirt, textile and promotional goods, decals, paint masks, glass frosting and decorative etching templates, craft stencils, sandblast stencils, stickers, automotive window tint, paint protection and so on... 

SignGo is easy to use and versatile, helping you turn your ideas into reality.

Create and cut lettering at any size using Truetype, Opentype and Type 1 fonts installed on your system. If your cutter is too small for the job no problem, SignGo will automatically tile it for you.

Some uses for SignGo

Vinyl Lettering Vinyl Lettering

T-shirt Graphics T-shirt and textile graphics

Promotional Items Promotional items such as mugs, mats, key fobs, phone covers and much more!

Craft Stencils Craft stencils - import or create your own beautiful designs from scratch

Paint Stencils Paint stencils - for all kinds of hobbyist uses around the home and for the packaging and automotive industries

Sandblast Stencils Sandblast stencils - for stonemasonry, construction and others 

Decorative Glass Decorative Glass - cut privacy films and beautiful masks for glass etching and frosting

Stickers Decals and stickers - cut around printed graphics for work or fun!

icon plotter Over 500 cutter plotters supported | Show Me | Request a Driver |

Text Editor

Enter and edit text directly into the layout. Individual characters and words can be selected and manipulated in the same way as a word processing package. Font styles, size, spacing, baseline shift and slant angle are all easily adjusted on screen. Automatic kerning is complemented by the ability to create and save custom kerning pairs for any font on your system. Placing text along a curve or around a shape is as easy as clicking a mouse button and you can even create and edit your own fonts.

Node Editing

Powerful editing tools give you total control over outlines. Individual lines, curves and nodes can be manipulated to any degree for perfect results.


Fully comprehensive welding tools allow you to merge, subtract and intersect multiple objects.

Inline Outline

A great tool to create outlines and inlines

Advanced Cutting Features

A wealth of features are included to make vinyl sign production a breeze. Colour separation, flexible tiling, weed borders, multiple copies, data spooling, rotation and resize to name but a few.

SignGo System Requirements

Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10 or later

Mouse or other pointing device

One free USB port for hardware (dongle) protected version




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Just $139

SignGo Lite with Dongle

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